Damaged Hair (naturals/ relaxed (chemically treated hair)

  • Whether you have healthy relaxed hair (no breakage) or hair that is breaking whether it be natural or chemically treated, then these kits are for you. The key to keeping hair healthy is maintaining perfect balance. You maintain the balance by giving your hair protein when you need it and moisture when you need it.

    The balance can be found in the conditioners. The Gro-Aut Jojoba conditioner is a light protein conditioner and the Gro-Aut herbal conditioner is moisture based.  Using these conditioners when your hair needs it most will bring the breakage to a halt. Please refer to your Trinbago Hair Solutions flyer within any of the kits for further details on this.

    Further to finding the right balance to your hair, healthy hair care practices must be adopted to maintain reduce stress on your hair. Some tips are keeping your hair in protective styles, reduce direct heat on your hair

    • Relaxed ladies, depending on your hair type wait at least 8 – 10 weeks to relax your hair, and make sure no overlapping takes place.
    • Naturals, please detangle your hair before combing.
    • curly/ coily naturals please shampoo your hair while still in plaits to reduce tangling. Comb out your hair while the conditioner is still in it. Please see your Trinbago Hair Solutions brochure for more helpful hair maintenance Tips.

    ALL KITS LAST AT LEAST 6 MONTHS when used as directed. ALL KITS INCLUDE a flyer, brochure and personalized instructions. All kits keep hair perfectly balanced with an average ph of 5.


Ultimate Growth Kit (Sulfate free) $910.00

Enjoy the sulfate free version of the Ultimate Growth Kit. The shampoo leaves your hair & scalp free of build up and when followed directly with the herbal condition, your hair is silky and smooth to the touch.

Ultimate Growth Kit $880.00

This kit keeps your hair balanced and lasts between 6 – 8 months when used as directed.

The average growth rate which our customers report is between 1” to 1.5” a month, whereas the normal growth rate is ¼” to ½” a month or no growth at all. Where will your hair be 6 months from now? The same length or 6” longer?