Kidz Korner

  • Let’s face it. Kids like long hair, but they don’t like the maintenance side of it which is why some keep it short. So our Kiddie Kits are simple straight forward solutions, designed to get them in and out of the tub fast on wash days and for parents to take care of their hair as fast as possible with little to no tangles and complaints. All this, while keeping their hair smelling sweet and fresh.

    ALL KIDDIE KITS LAST AT LEAST 3 MONTHS when used as directed. ALL KITS INCLUDE a flyer, brochure and personalized instructions. All kits keep hair perfectly balanced with an average ph of 5.


Kiddie Detox kit $490.00

Ok, so did something go wrong with your child’s hair that made her/ him end up with bald patches? It’s ok; you don’t have to give us the details, but if this is your situation, then this kit is for you. (2 – 3 month supply)

If the hair is already in box braids, then application is even easier, just dip your fingers in the Gro-Aut butter and lightly apply to the scalp on wash day and massage gently to even distribute the product. Take a photo every month and watch those bald patches fill in, in no time. Repeat again when the scalp feels dry.

Wash twice weekly if possible.

Kiddie Kit (original) $470.00

Do you have “on the go” kids who want long hair without the fuss? Well this kit gets them growing and smelling great at the same time. This kit features our Bhringro scalp oil and our Gro-Aut Sheen spray.  (2 – 3 month supply).

Apply Bhringro oil initially to a clean scalp and then reapply when the scalp feels dry. A little goes a LONG way, no need to over apply this oil mom. I promise the results will not be affected.

Kiddie Kit super growth $620.00

Ok so let’s super charge the growth rate. This kit features the patent awarded Gro-Aut oil, which when used as directed in conjunction with the Bhringro oil can last up to 6 mths !!!!

Apply the Gro-Aut oil to a freshly washed scalp and rotate daily with Bhringro Oil when the scalp feels dry again. You can wash twice weekly. If your child feels a tingling sensation on the scalp and you know the scalp is clean, then that sensation equates to GROWTH! Just massage the scalp until the sensation is gone and they are good to go until wash day.