Trinbago's Tips

Damaged Hair Tips


  • Depending on the severity of the damage, hair should be washed twice weekly and each wash should include a deep conditioning treatment.


Your deep conditioning treatment can be done with the conditioners within your kit or you can choose an additional deep conditioner, only for this step. You must decide what type of conditioner your hair needs at that point in time. Does it need protein or moisture? You can determine this yourself, by doing a strand test. Take a strand of hair and pull it. If it snaps immediately, then you need a moisture based conditioner, if it stretches and then snaps, then you need to use a protein conditioner.

  • During your washes, only shampoo your scalp. Let the suds run down your hair when you rinse it out.
  • During your washes, only comb through your hair after you’ve done your DC and you have your final conditioner in it.

After washing

  • Be sure to add additional conditioner to your hair as a leave in (Use from the Gro-Aut line), and then add the sheen spray.
  • Allow to air dry, then apply your oil to your scalp.
  • While your hair is air drying, you may reapply condition and sheen spray in that order, until you have reached the moisture level of your desire. Do not over apply. Please follow guidelines within your kit for the exact quantity to be used for each product.

Styling in between washes

  • Do not flat iron, more than once a month
  • Do not style hair before you moisturize and seal your hair. (see instructions sheet)
  • Keep hair in protective styles like buns.
  • Do not used damaged combs to style your hair
  • Do not sleep with curlers in your hair. If you  must use curlers, set hair, use hair dryer and wrap hair for the next morning, using sheen spray.


Nape & Edges Care

  • Protect hair when in the shower to ensure that nape and edges don’t get wet.
  • If edges do become wet, make sure that hair is dry before styling
  • Never use a brush on wet hair
  • Never use a fine comb on wet hair
  • After nape area is dry, apply a dime size of moisturizer (Gro-Aut jojoba leave in) followed by a 1 pump of sheen spray. Be gentle when styling this area.
  • Never style hair in a style that is too tight or stiff to the touch


Washing Natural Hair

  • To reduce tangles plait hair into 4 sections and apply shampoo to scalp.
  • Let sit on scalp for 2 minutes
  • Rinse hair. Repeat if necessary
  • Apply conditioner to each section of hair
  • Let sit for 20 minutes
  • Undo plait and detangle hair by using fingers as a comb or an extremely wide comb. One plait at a time
  • Rinse
  • Apply Leave in conditioner to each section. Plait and let airdry

NB depending on the thickness and length of the hair you can increase sections from 4 to 6 or 8.


Recommended Tools & Accessories



The Recommended Hair Styles

" We recommend that if you are serious about hair growth to try pinning your hair up 95% of the time you are using the line of products. This company's opinion is that styles that don't move and are stiff are not healthy protective styles. Be creative and have fun with your protective styles"